Jim Carson was born in 1915. He bought  Redding Neon in the mid-1950's. In the early  70's he began to pass on his creative talents to his daughter, Cat Carson, when she was just 12 years old. Throughout the years she learned the techniques required to be a successful sign painter. Her father's signs can still be admired in various places in and around Redding. Cat is especially proud of the electrical signs still advertising the Thunderbird Motel and Lim's Cafe. These are just two examples of Jim's legacy that lives on. 

 For over 30 years, Cat has put her own signature brush marks on the world. With style, grace, and humor she creates signs that are classic, eye-catching and brilliant works of art. Cat has the talent to paint most anything although she does do a lot of vehicles and semis. She also is involved in the Antique Truck Association Show held in Orland every year. 

   A family History

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